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Established in 2009, LOGiCA is a three and a half year program financed by a multi-donor trust fund of US$8.7 million.

LOGiCA’s specific objectives are:

  • To increase gender-sensitive programming in demobilization and reintegration operations in the great lake region by better addressing the gender-specific needs of male and female ex-combatants;
  • To generate knowledge and good practice on how to address gender and conflict issues - with a focus on programs addressing demobilization and reintegration, gender-based violence, vulnerable women in conflict affected areas, and young men at-risk in Sub-Saharan Africa

LOGiCA is built upon lessons from the Learning for Equality Access and Peace (LEAP) Program: LEAP was established in 2007 under the Multi-country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (MDRP) to strengthen the impact of  Programs from a gender perspective.

LEAP used a combination of gender-sensitive approaches and piloting activities which proved crucial in contributing to the MDRP’s understanding of gender issues facing demobilization and reintegration programs. Furthermore, LEAP served to identify a number of broader post-conflict gender issues with currently limited operational responses. Thus LOGiCA was established as a stand-alone initiative with a widened scope to address other critical gender and post-conflict issues, in addition to a retained focus on demobilization and reintegration in the Great Lakes Region in collaboration with MDRP’s phasing-out initiative – the Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program (TDRP).

For more information on LEAP click on the links below.

MDRP launches Learning for Equality, Access and Peace Program

MDRP launches Learning for Equality, Access and Peace Program
(PDF 453KB)

Progress Report Learning for Equality, Access and Peace (LEAP) Program

Progress Report Learning for Equality, Access and Peace (LEAP) Program

(PDF 233KB)

LOGiCA Partners

LOGiCA is implemented through a flexible multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) arrangement under which activities can be scaled-up as needs are identified and funds become available. Donors to the MDTF include the governments of Canada, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The MDTF is guided by a trust fund committee (TFC) comprised of contributing donors and is chaired by the World Bank. The TFC convenes semi-annually to discuss progress and programming of activities. LOGiCA activities are implemented by a World Bank technical team in collaboration with a range of research institutions, local and national NGOs and in coordination with the relevant development partners.


LOGiCA Overview

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